Sunday, September 9, 2012

May and Omar!

Introducing: MAY AND OMAR!  And their hapless doggie, Baby.  How does one explain May and Omar...
These characters are the epitome of dysfunction, misdirected anger and failed revenge.  May is cheap, desperate, manipulative and domineering.  Her husband, Omar is the perfect simpleton who rarely attemps to stand up to May's endless machinations.  Baby, the doggie, is the indestructable foil- the object of both May and Omar's frustrations.  Baby is the perpetual Innocent.  And pays the price for it.
These cartoons were created and drawn by me starting in my childhood and were always crude, violent and psychologically disturbing.  But I thought they were funny just the same.  Some of them will hit the nail on the head.  Others will make you wonder why I didn't have more adult supervision.  Taken as a body of work, however, May and Omar aspire to greatness and are spectacular in their failure.  I hope you grow to love them. - Glen Banks

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Disneyland Dark Rides With The Lights On!

 This is that big, strange ball that used to be at the top of the lift inside Space Mountain.

 Here's me shooting a few hoops on the fabled basketball court INSIDE the Matterhorn.  This is on the 5th Floor.

 On the rocks at the splashdown pool of the Matterhorn.  You can see a ride vehicle in the background.

 The control tower for Space Mountain.

 Space Mountain lift hill.

 Alice In Wonderland.

 This is a nice shot.  Taken before OSHA installed the guard rails.

 Love Bites!

 Shall we play croquet?

 Detail of Toad's library.  Check out the book titles.

 Fireplace crash doors in Toad Hall.

 Winky's Bar.

 At the Thames.

 It's HELL at Disneyland!

 Rubber demons.

 Me with Cyril Proudbottom and Toad.  Note that the fountain is running.  The fish you see are the same ones that swim in a circle and spout water in Snow White's Grotto.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Beatles Convention!

The Beatle Convention.  I THINK this was around 1992 but if you know something I don't, just let me know. 

 This was an actual promotional ad for the Mystery Tour LP.

 The animated 'bobbing head' motorized in-store display


 Billy Preston signs my Apple promo EP.

 Billy Preston

 Joey Molland and Denny Laine

 Joey Molland and Denny Laine

 Joey Molland, Glen Banks and Denny Laine

 Joey Molland, Glen Banks and Denny Laine

 Gary Bright in his natural environment.

 All bootlegs, all the time.  Now Playing!

Remember VHS bootleg videos?  These were in a secret room up in the hotel.
Those were the days!