Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Webster Webfoot - and Jimmy Weldon!

We're going to spend a little time with Uncle Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot. There's a LOT to say about them- and we may have to split this up into several posts in order to share all of it. Back when I was a young whelp and we rode dinosaurs to school, Webster Webfoot was my TV hero. I worshipped that wonderful little duck and wanted more than anything to crawl inside my Packard Bell set to meet him. How was I to know that an innocent dream like that could ever come true? Jimmy and Webster made several memorable visits to our studios and I'm happy to say that those incredible moments were well documented by the fans and crew.

Many of you will remember Jimmy as the voice of Yakky Doodle, the Hannah-Barbera animated duck.

Webster and Jimmy- WE LOVE YOU!!

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Tim LemmeAtom Peiffer said...

I was delighted to see the cover of the turtle leaping in the air(The Adventures of Little Joe the Turtle). Yes, I too sat in front of our Packard Bell television with the delux "remote" (which was a long ambilical chord with a box and a dial. I was pretty small, about 3 or four years old. Well, Jim Weldon was going to open a grocery store at Motor Ave. & Tabor in the Palms Area.I think it was called Rancho Market, I remember the place was packed. Jimmmy & Webster were holding a raffle. Somehow, my dad or mom got me up next to Jimmie and I got to pull the ticket out of a container. As a prize for doing so I got a copy of Little Joe the Turtle and the attached 45rpm record. I cherrished that for years. It may still be somewhere in my parents house but last time I saw it, it was in a portable 45rpm record player also by Packard Bell. I will always remember Jimmie & Webster. It was my favorite show. I will be 61yrs old, Feb. 19. Thank you so much