Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Credibility Gap: Vote 'Til It Hurts!

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Harry Shearer, David Lander and Michael McKean

This audio track could be considered to be a great lost Credibility Gap artifact. I found it years ago on a Public Service Announcement LP entitled Vote '72. Though it sounds like it's merely a vocal placed on top of a pre-recorded pre-licensed music bed, it's still a lovely example of lyric writing and patriotic ennui. Introduced by Harry Shearer, the identity of the vocalist is a mystery to me. This advice is still just as timely as it was in 1972.
Click on the title and enjoy VOTE 'TIL IT HURTS.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Firesign Theatre

You say you don't know who Firesign Theatre is? Don't insult me. Head for Google or Wiki and start learning. The American Monty Python? The Beatles of Comedy? The greatest comedy aggregation since the Marx Brothers- for my money. Here's the cover of (arguably) their greatest LP.

Click on the Post Title to hear Firesign perfoming Forward Into The Past.

Proctor and Goodman. I took this shot at UCLA. I really like this one.

Here we are in the studio during the Boom Dot Bust recording sessions.
Back row: Phil Proctor, David Ossman. Front row: Peter Bergman, Glen Banks, Phil Austin

Glen Banks, Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman. This was taken at a promotion for the DVD release of J-Men Forever. The newspaper was a prop used in the film.

I took this nice photo of Phil Proctor quite recently. Phil and I were appearing courtesy of the Antaeus Theatre Company in Tonight At 8:30. It was a performance of all Noel Coward's one-act plays. I played the piano and Phil (among other things) was cast as the Butler. I will always have fond memories of providing the music for Phil's wonderful rendition of Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs. Worthington.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sheriff John: Birthday Cake Polka

I was sure mighty pleased when these photos arrived in the mail. Sheriff John is the all-time king of Kiddie Shows, along with Engineer Bill, Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot, and Tom Hatten.

His most famous song is posted here for you to enjoy: "The Birthday Cake Polka"!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Engineer Bill: Cartoon Express Coloring Book

For 25 cents you could get this amazing coloring book from Engineer Bill. This one is in pretty good shape for being 50 years old. Get the kids hopped up on Ovaltine and Sugar Pops, open up a fresh pack of Crayola Crayons and watch out for FUN!

Engineer Bill: Castle Of Dreams

A lot was expected of little boys in those days. Have a listen.

Engineer Bill: Castle Of Dreams

Engineer Bill is out of character for this recording, so I'm guessing this may predate his days at Channel 9. Be sure to listen for Bill's amazing advice on eating from bottles in the yard!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Engineer Bill: Red Light - Green Light

I learned today of the sad passing of Engineer Bill. Although Bill Stulla only existed for me on Television, he was real- and he was my friend. So we dig deep into the old record collection today. And thanks to a bit of modern technology, we can at least spend a few more precious moments with Engineer Bill- drinking our milk- under the magical spell of Red Light, Green Light.......
Get your glass of milk ready and click on the Blog title to hear Engineer Bill once again.