Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uncle Glen's Low Self-Esteem Corner

Uncle Glen Sez: Do this when you're alone. AGAIN.

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Unknown said...

Another technique is to "draw" other people (not for them to see, unless you want to show them) when their moods, or attitude, or interaction with you somehow affect you and cause you to feel certain emotions that are uncomfortable. - Just a sort of caricature. It can range from family/spouse/partner/friends etc., to just anyone - and of course, as you suggest (very therapeutic - very), yourself.

Quick example. Years ago, I was a nurse, and before a large meeting another nurse manager sat across from me and glared with intense - what looked like - hatred. (Nurse Jealousy Syndrome). I was alone waiting for others on my team to join me, and so I sat there (very uncomfortable at first...) and quietly doodled her as a donkey or whatever, but with her personality characteristics incorporated. (It had the classic straw hat, etc., nothing offensive.) She looked over and of course made no connection. - But it deflected my need to either engage, sit there sweating and intimidated or at least feel discomfort.

You can "doodle" yourself on different days in a small pocket pad "journal", and it's neat to see how it shifts from day to day. Hope you "get it". I'm just dashing this comment off on a busy day. But I saw your site when I looked to check out our beloved Howard Morris. - Best! P.S. Your "low self esteem" suggestion is a terrific coping too. Thanks.