Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sheriff John: Birthday Cake Polka

I was sure mighty pleased when these photos arrived in the mail. Sheriff John is the all-time king of Kiddie Shows, along with Engineer Bill, Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot, and Tom Hatten.

His most famous song is posted here for you to enjoy: "The Birthday Cake Polka"!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Rootie Kazootie. He's my favorite!!! POWER BAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Laugh!....and be Happy!! Some of my favorite childhood memories....I LOVED Sheriff John, and in fact I absolutely intended to marry him when I grew up. My kindergarten teacher inadvertantly burst my bubble regarding my marriage plans...moot point as I'm still waiting for the "grow up" phase of my life to begin! I've searched the web looking for Sheriff John with no luck UNTIL TODAY!!
I still remember the lyrics to his signature least I THINK they're the correct lyrics. I used to sing the song to my children when they were little!
I wish I still had the autographed picture my Grandma Connery brought me...she was a nurse at Baldwin Hills Hospital...he signed the picture 'to Toni' when he was a patient there.
Thanks for the smile.

Bob Immler said...

I think it was Sheriff JOhn that advertised some kind of liquid.

You poured it into a bucket of water. It formed a layer on the top. Then you dipped an item, for instance a light bulb.

It came out in all different colors.

Does anybody remember that?

Did anybody buy it?