Saturday, September 27, 2008

Firesign Theatre: Eat Or Be Eaten

Eat Or Be Eaten- the cult fave LP/CD from Firesign Theatre.

Look closely in the credits- Glen Banks (that's me) playing keyboard.

Did David get replaced by a sheep?

Here's me on the set of Eat Or Be Eaten. I played a Dendrolator in the film. My favorite memory was sitting around on this couch at 2 AM with the Firesign Theatre and the other castmembers- swapping scary ghost stories. I'm holding the legendary Book Of Me (written by Dr. Me) and you'll notice a menacing sprig of koodzoo vine lurking on the cushions. On the coffee table is the photo of the vine taken in 1936 when the plant went berserk and completely covered the town.

Me and Phil Proctor- bonding- with a couple of bottles of Wino Brothers wine- "in the bottle shaped like a paper bag!" (Photo by Henry Diltz)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, June Foray!

June Foray's birthday is this month so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUNE!
If you don't know who June Foray is, there is little hope for you.
Where would one start? Granny, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha, Nell, her amazing radio performances with Stan Freberg.....
She is a legend. And a very sweet, personable lady. This shot was taken in our TV studio. From the left, John Craig, June Foray and Glen Banks

Here's June and Uncle Glen. This snap was taken at June's home. Hard to see but in her den the walls are adorned with wonderful memorabilia from her storied career. Not to mention the life-size Bullwinkle Moose who sits on her couch. (I told you not to MENTION THE MOOSE!)

This is last year's Christmas card from June. She is a national treasure and a wonderful lady. Much love to you, June!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Robert Morse in "Scrooge, The Stingiest Man In Town"

Robert Morse publicity photo

You probably remember Robert Morse as the gap-toothed musical hero of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. I did a show with him in Santa Monica one Christmas season. These are scans from the program. As usual I was playing the piano for the show. This particular version of the Dickens classic was adapted from a 1950s original TV broadcast featuring Basil Rathbone.

Here's Robert Morse's Bio from the show program...

And here I am in the credits right next to Anthony Perkins of Psycho. It was a lot of fun working with Mr. Morse. I'm not sure why, but I forgot to ask for an autograph. Go figure....