Saturday, September 27, 2008

Firesign Theatre: Eat Or Be Eaten

Eat Or Be Eaten- the cult fave LP/CD from Firesign Theatre.

Look closely in the credits- Glen Banks (that's me) playing keyboard.

Did David get replaced by a sheep?

Here's me on the set of Eat Or Be Eaten. I played a Dendrolator in the film. My favorite memory was sitting around on this couch at 2 AM with the Firesign Theatre and the other castmembers- swapping scary ghost stories. I'm holding the legendary Book Of Me (written by Dr. Me) and you'll notice a menacing sprig of koodzoo vine lurking on the cushions. On the coffee table is the photo of the vine taken in 1936 when the plant went berserk and completely covered the town.

Me and Phil Proctor- bonding- with a couple of bottles of Wino Brothers wine- "in the bottle shaped like a paper bag!" (Photo by Henry Diltz)


outsidetheberm said...

Neat post. I believe they've still got serious problems with Kudzu down south, do they not? Scary plant, that.

Chromium Switch said...

Thanks for the rare photos and scans of the LP. I'd say you and Edgar had some rare glimpses into the workings of Firesign. Hope you can contribute something to my new and improved Chromium Switch. == Best, Tom

Russell said...

This is actually one of my favourite Firesign cds. (Actually I own a cassette.) In fact, I found your site while searching for the cd. Great work playing on this album, I enjoyed it greatly!