Friday, October 31, 2008

The Luer Spaceship

This is the front cover of the comic book that was handed to the kids after disembarking from the Luer Spaceship. The ship made an appearance at a local market and featured Engineer Bill with the Big Whistle, too! Inside the ship I can recall that we watched a beautifully animated film on a rear-projection screen located on a forward bulkhead. The film had a similar look to the artwork on the comic book cover. The seats would vibrate on landing and takeoff- it really was an embryonic version of Star Tours.


Alas, we find the rusting hulk as it is today, alone in the desert.

Fire up those afterburners!

Here she is in her her heyday, the way I remember her. THIS is what a spaceship should look like!

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walterworld said...

Who owns the spaceship now? What's the inside look like these days?

Interesting post...I remember that image form one of those Charles Phoenix books.

Take care!