Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are some wonderful Firesign Theatre images I dug out of my archives. These are completely at random- just to make an easy post.
Trust me- it HAS been 'Many years of fun'!

Phil Proctor sent me some of the photos on this post. Here's a great sample of Nick Danger stationery. Why doesn't Hallmark carry this??

Here we are in the TV studio. Phil Proctor, Peter Bergman, Ron Petke, Glen Banks and the late John Craig (love ya, Johnnie Boy!)

Phil Proctor, John Craig, Glen Banks and Peter Bergman on the set.

This is an interesting curio for hardcore fans. This is the breakdown/guide sheet for the final Firesign radio broadcast at KPFK: The Martian Space Party. I picked this up after the show was over. It was the end of Dear Friends and the end of an era in radio comedy.


Anonymous said...

this stuff is wonderful Glen. thanks!

David said...

Firesign is tops. I got into them because of a Rolling Stone Record Guide (book) review stating Firesign's view of WW2 is America lost since WW2 was supposedly a war on fascism.

Well, that and most other views are viewed, skewed, and skewered by Firesign. Take topical humor, stuff it in a duffle bag, and smoke it. This is timeless.

Even purists and fans may argue and agree Firesign has lost it's spark and been resigned to just a few magic moments in recent years, but that's a benign argument. Your fave Firesign moments may be from 1968 or from last month's podcast, and their humor (from timeless Nick Danger to timely 'shoes for industry') are as potent as ever.

Watch the Comedy Network for a few days, then listen to what you consider a terrible Firesign release. You'll get more out of firesign detritus.

Thanks for these jewels of industry.