Monday, August 4, 2008

Yarmy's Army Marches On

Whaddya know. I found a few more shots of Yarmy's Army. As you all know, the best thing about these guys is having Ronnie Schell in the group. Heck- he did a Disney movie about Gus- a donkey that could kick 40-yard field goals. That's what I call CREDENTIALS!
And how often do you get to hang out with Shelley Berman??


timemarcheson said...

I haven't heard any Shelly Berman bits in years. Too bad. I remember one about a bad hotel room. It was one ofthose typical Berman on the phone bits. It was so funny I cried.

Was pointed to your blog from Outside the Berm. Really enjoying it. BTW, I was on Chucko.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A Chucko survivor!!
I'm impressed. Stick around and I'll have some cool stuff from Engineer Bill and Sheriff John, too. -Glen