Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Credibility Gap: Vote 'Til It Hurts!

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Harry Shearer, David Lander and Michael McKean

This audio track could be considered to be a great lost Credibility Gap artifact. I found it years ago on a Public Service Announcement LP entitled Vote '72. Though it sounds like it's merely a vocal placed on top of a pre-recorded pre-licensed music bed, it's still a lovely example of lyric writing and patriotic ennui. Introduced by Harry Shearer, the identity of the vocalist is a mystery to me. This advice is still just as timely as it was in 1972.
Click on the title and enjoy VOTE 'TIL IT HURTS.


Anonymous said...

The singer is Michael McKean. He is playing a lounge singer character he played frequently for TCG.

Dan Heilman, staff writer said...

Wow, I've been looking for this track for years. It's gone from Supload, alas. Any chance you could repost? Thank you!