Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Moody Blues: Mike Pinder

Today's post consists of some snappy photos I took of Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues. He was promoting his current album Among The Stars. I was helping out by organizing the autograph sessions to some extent (mostly the signing table) picking up Mike and his wife, Tara, at the airport and in general by creatively loitering. But it was fun!
Both of the above shots were taken at our TV studio where Mike made his first appearance since exiting the Moody Blues. You can always tell our sets by the presence of the multi-chapeaued hatrack and the beat-up Wurlitzer jukebox. That's my buddy Al Matta in the red shirt. Hey, AL! You still owe me twenty bucks!

Ah- now here's me and Mike Pinder- bonding.

Mike and Me at the autograph table. To think that Tower Records no longer exists! Those were the days.....

Mike in repose with a teddy bear. Notice the subtle placement of the ketchup and tabasco sauce. Can I take pictures or can I take pictures??!!

The line went WAY out the door for Mike's autograph seekers.

Mike signs one of the Classic Seven LPs.

This is another record store appearance.

Mike and his wife, Tara.

Mike insisted that he would NOT be playing keyboard on our TV show. But after he loosened up a bit, he regaled us with impromptu performances of Roll Out The Barrel and Go Now. I was thrilled to have him play my Fender Rhodes! Thank you, Mike!!


janice said...

when is this from? thanks!

Anonymous said...

It was around the release date for Among The Stars- which was in 1994.

Anonymous said...

thanks Glen...Tres cool!