Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Random Firesign Theatre Stuff

Today's images are completely random. If I've posted them before, I don't recall, so I hope you enjoy seeing them again. This one is my backstage pass from CBS TV for the taping of the Weirdly Cool PBS Special. Stage 33 is where Jack Benny did his program. Wow.

Here I am standing around like an idiot behind the guys after the show at Monterey. Only Austin knew I was back there....

A lovely postcard from Phil Proctor concerning my piano contributions to the Antaeus Theatre production of Noel Coward's "Tonight At 8:30".

The front side of the postcard.

An encouraging message from Phil and Melinda on the occasion of our Opening Night of the Noel Coward show.

A recent autograph....

This was a note from Phil Proctor regarding photos he took during an appearance at our TV studios.

And these are the photos in question.

Another one.

I've always loved this poster. Wonderful graphics.

This is a contact sheet for the photos I took at KPFK during the Dear Friends Let's Eat shows. The color prints have mostly been lost, and this is all that remains.

A shot I took during Boom Dot Bust.

The Guys with Frasier Smith during Boom Dot Bust. I'm a terrible photographer.

Frasier Smith with Oona Austin from Boom Dot Bust.

The Guys in the control room during Boom Dot Bust.

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