Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Last Remaining Seats 1995

The Last Remaining Seats was an event hosted by the LA Conservancy for fund-raising and preservation of historical theatres in Los Angeles.  Ron Petke and his crew from Charter Communications were there to document the stage show on video, and I was on hand to take these photos.  I just located these pictures recently, and didn't remember taking them.  Rather than try to figure out which ones were better than others, I scanned them all and I'm posting them for you to enjoy.
I hope you like them! - Glen

Edgar Bullington
 Glen Banks

 Edgar Bullington with The Sons Of The Desert film in the can
 The old projection room

 Jesse White and Ron Petke
 Chuck McCann
 Avery Schreiber, Chuck McCann and Jim MacGeorge

 Avery Schreiber, Jim MacGeorge, Hugh Hefner and Chuck McCann
 Jesse White, Ron Petke and Avery Schreiber
 Glen Banks and Avery Schreiber
 Hugh Hefner
Jesse White and Avery Schreiber

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