Saturday, March 3, 2012

Musical Confidential: "I Was The Opening Act For The New Zoo Review!"

I wrote and performed this musical in shopping malls and schools for the deaf all over Southern California.  It was for Denalee Productions.  My old Pal, Edgar Bullington was a member of Denalee as well- that's how we first met.  The show made it as far as the Pilgrimage Theatre and then...  Well, who can say? 

I HAD to poke around backstage and check out the New Zoo Review costumes and props.  Henrietta Hippo was filthy.  She had dirt caked all around her nostrils.  When I looked inside I could see slime mold all over her entire belly which was melting down into the black abyss of her foam rubber legs.  I can't begin to describe the smell.  Ya gotta respect Children's Theatre!

The promotional sticker that you see was handed out to the gleeful kiddies.  Those were the days...

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